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GIL Pawel
Sport Para biathlon, Para cross-country
NPC Poland   
Human Interest
Impairment Information
Type of Impairment
Vision impairment
Origin of Impairment
Michal Landa
Further Personal Information
Przemysl, POL
English, Polish
Sport Specific Information
Why this sport?
I have been practising recreational sports from an early age, it is my hobby. I learned that in a club in Przemysl, Poland, where there were disciplines such as downhill skiing and biathlon. Wanting to learn how to run and ski, I applied to the club. At the beginning it was fun for me, but I liked skiing so much that I started to take my training seriously.
Club / Team
PK Podkarpackie: Przemysl, POL
Name of coach
Kazimierz Cetnarski [national]
General Interest
Sporting philosophy / motto
"The only way to develop is to constantly raise the bar. The only measure of success is the effort we put in to achieve it." (Instagram profile, 13 May 2019)
Other sports
He has competed in both Para cross-country skiing and Para biathlon at World Cup level. (, 10 Mar 2021)
He was born with aniridia and photophobia. (, 01 Jan 2021)

Competition Highlights (historical)
Paralympic Games - Para biathlon
Rank Year Event Result
12 2022 6km Individual - Visually Impaired 22:48.5
10 2022 10km Middle - Visually Impaired 45:43.8
7 2022 12.5km Individual - Visually Impaired 52:22.6
Paralympic Games (Overall) - Para cross-country
Rank Year Event Result
Qualification 2022 Sprint Freestyle - Visually Impaired 3:11.0
14 2022 12.5km Freestyle - Visually Impaired 44:02.1
11 2022 4 x 2.5km Relay Open 34:27.3
World Championships - Para biathlon
Rank Year Event Result
20 2021/2022 6km Individual - Visually Impaired 20:34.9
17 2021/2022 10km Middle - Visually Impaired 36:48.0
13 2021/2022 12.5km Individual - Visually Impaired 45:53.8
World Championships - Para cross-country
Rank Year Event Result
14 2021/2022   47:03.6
20 2021/2022 Sprint Classic Style - Visually Impaired