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Sport Para athletics, Wheelchair Tennis
NPC Nigeria   
Human Interest
Impairment Information
Type of Impairment
Impaired muscle power
Origin of Impairment
Further Personal Information
Lagos, NGR
Higher education
Economics - University of Lagos: Nigeria
Sport Specific Information
When and where did you begin this sport?
She began wheelchair racing in 2011.
Why this sport?
She owned a mobile phone shop and one day while working she met a coach who asked her if she was into sports. "I thought he was talking about exercising because I didnít know that there was anything like sports for people with disabilities. So one day I decided to go to Liberty Stadium in Ibadan. When I got there, I was shocked to see people with disabilities training. I was touched. I saw sports as just for fun, initially, a sort of avenue for me to go out because I was always indoors."
Training Regime
She trains at the Lagos National Stadium in Nigeria.
Senior International Debut
Competing for
All Africa Games
Maputo, MOZ
General Interest
Sporting philosophy / motto
"Don't give up, believe in yourself. Remember that in 'disability' there is also 'ability'." (, 12 Oct 2014)
Awards and honours
She was Nigeria's flag bearer at the opening ceremony of the 2015 World Championships in Doha, Qatar. (Facebook page, 20 Oct 2015)
Other sports
She has played wheelchair tennis at international level. (, 2016)
She acquired paraplegia at age seven due to an unknown illness. (, 28 Sep 2015;, 12 Oct 2014)
Other information
She was unable to attend school for several years as a child due to her impairment, and says she suffered low self-esteem due to other people's perceptions of her condition. "Even when I gained admission back to school, I found it very difficult to cope because a lot of people didn't want to come near me. They thought my paralysed legs might transfer to them. So, I faced issues of self-esteem. But I got used to it as I grew up and it stopped bothering me. When you have a disability, the more you are exposed [to the outside world], the better you become." (, 12 Oct 2014)

Competition Highlights (historical)
World Ranking (2016/07/04) - Wheelchair Tennis
Rank Year Event Result
137 2016 Singles  
145 2017 Singles  
Paralympic Games (Overall) - Para athletics
Rank Year Event Result
7 2016 100m T54 16.85
Round 1 2016 800m T54 1:56.17
World Championships (Overall) - Para athletics
Rank Year Event Result
5 2015 200m T54 31.18
7 2015 100m T54 17.48
7 2015 1500m T54 3:46.72
Heats 2015 400m T54 1:02.69
Heats 2015 5000m T54 13:21.22