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Sport Para athletics
NPC Russia   
Place of BirthChelyabinsk, RUS
Height1.61 m
Human Interest
Impairment Information
Type of Impairment
Cerebral Palsy
F37, T37
Further Personal Information
Chelyabinsk, RUS
English, Russian
Higher education
Sport Studies - Ural State University of Physical Education: Chelyabinsk, RUS
Sport Specific Information
When and where did you begin this sport?
She took up the sport in 2010, and began training seriously in 2013.
Why this sport?
She was offered the chance to represent her school at a regional sports competition for people with an impairment. She persuaded her father to let her attend, and went on to win four gold medals at the tournament. She was then inspired to continue the sport.
Club / Team
Chelyabinsk Sports School of Olympic Reserve No.2 : Russia
Name of coach
Elena Malchikova [personal], RUS; Viktor Slobodchikov [personal], RUS
General Interest
Anya (, 18 Dec 2015)
Dance. (Athlete, 28 Jan 2020)
Memorable sporting achievement
Winning four medals at the 2015 World Championships in Doha, Qatar. (Athlete, 28 Jan 2020)
Most influential person in career
Her family, and her coaches. (Athlete, 28 Jan 2020)
Hero / Idol
Russian pole vaulter Yelena Isinbayeva. (Athlete, 28 Jan 2020)
Sporting philosophy / motto
"I want to prove that I can run as fast as others. If my competitors run fast, it means that I can do the same and maybe even faster. I think it's all about desire." (, 18 Dec 2015)
Awards and honours
In 2013 and 2019 she was named one of the 10 Best Para Athletes of the Chelyabinsk region in the Russian Federation. (, 17 Dec 2019;, 27 Dec 2013)

She holds the title of Master of Sport of International Class in the Russian Federation. (Athlete, 28 Jan 2020;, 18 Jul 2019)
To win a medal at the Paralympic Games. (Athlete, 28 Jan 2020)
She was diagnosed with cerebral palsy as a baby. Her left leg and her left hand are slightly shorter than her right. (, 02 Mar 2012)

Competition Highlights (historical)
World Championships (Overall)
Rank Year Event Result
7 2013 200m T37 29.98
5 2013 100m T37 14.44
3 2015 100m T37 14.30
3 2015 Long Jump T37 4.56
2 2015 200m T37 29.27
2 2015 4 x 100m Relay T35-38 53.18
9 2019 Long Jump T37 3.98
European Championships (Overall)
Rank Year Event Result
2 2014 100m T37 14.07
1 2014 Long Jump T37 4.46
1 2014 4 x 100m Relay T35-38 53.53
3 2016 Long Jump T37 4.53
2 2016 200m T37 29.80
2 2016 100m T37 14.55
2 2016 4 x 100m Relay T35-38 53.17