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LANZA Angelina
Sport Para athletics
NPC France   
Place of BirthLomé, TOG
Human Interest
Impairment Information
Type of Impairment
Impaired muscle power
Origin of Impairment
T46, F46
Further Personal Information
Lyon, FRA
Athlete, Communications Professional
English, French, Italian, Spanish
Higher education
Communications, Language Studies, Marketing Management - IAE Lyon: France
Sport Specific Information
When and where did you begin this sport?
She took up athletics in 2004 in Grenoble, France, and competed against able-bodied children until 2011 when she began training specifically with a Para sport coach.
Why this sport?
She tried a range of athletics disciplines before settling on sprinting and jumping events. "I liked the variety of disciplines. The training sessions are so different and I enjoy them."
Club / Team
Lyon Athletisme: France
Name of coach
Thomas Verro, FRA: Jerome Simian [fitness]
Training Regime
She trains up to eight sessions a week, including three of physical strength at the gym.
Senior International Debut
Competing for
World Championships
Doha, QAT
General Interest
Dancing, photography, socialising with friends. (Athlete, 20 Aug 2018)
Memorable sporting achievement
Winning bronze in the T47 long jump at the 2017 World Championships in London, England, and reaching the finals in the T47 long jump and T47 200m at the 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. (Athlete, 20 Aug 2018)
Most influential person in career
Coach Jean-Baptiste Souche, and her father. (Athlete, 20 Aug 2018)
Hero / Idol
French Para long jumper Marie-Amelie Le Fur, Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt, US sprinter Allyson Felix. (Athlete, 20 Aug 2018)
She sustained a minor knee injury after the 2019 World Championships in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. (Facebook page 17 Feb 2020)

She has been affected by several injuries particularly her hamstring throughout her career. (, 28 Jan 2019)

In May 2016 she had a minor lower back injury while competing at the national championships in Charlety, France. (Facebook profile, 24 May 2016)
Sporting philosophy / motto
"Suffer today and live the rest of your life as a champion." (, 13 Jul 2017)
To compete at the 2020 Paralympic Games in Tokyo. (, 23 Mar 2017)
She had polio at birth, resulting in an impairment to her left arm. She lacks strength and mobility in her arm. (Twitter profile, 07 Oct 2019; Athlete, 20 Aug 2018;, 24 Sep 2015 )
Other information
She works in external communications for SNCF - France Railways System - in the Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes region. "This job is my stability. During the day I focus on it and at the evenings it is sport. Intellectual stimulation is something that helps me. What do I bring along? As an athlete I know what it means to have long-term objectives and a big perspective of a project. I am happy to be able to put my abilities to the benefit of a company such as SNCF." (, 17 Dec 2019)

In 2013 she studied for two semesters at Coventry University in England. In 2015 she graduated with a degree in international trade from Lumiere University Lyon 2 in France. In 2017, she began studying for a master's degree in management and communication. (Instagram profile, 18 Feb 2017;, 13 May 2015)

Competition Highlights (historical)
Paralympic Games
Rank Year Event Result
4 2016 Long Jump T47 5.30
Round 1 2016 100m T47  DNS
5 2016 200m T47 26.60
World Championships
Rank Year Event Result
6 2015 Long Jump T47 5.29
5 2015 100m T47 13.25
3 2017 Long Jump T47 5.22
5 2019 Long Jump T47 5.27
8 2019 100m T47 13.01
10 2019 200m T47 26.47
  2019 Universal Relay  DSQ
European Championships
Rank Year Event Result
3 2016 Long Jump T47 5.24
3 2016 200m T47 26.65
3 2016 100m T47 13.01
1 2018 400m T47 1:03.26
1 2018 Long Jump T47 5.62
1 2018 200m T47 26.31
2 2018 Universal Relay 49.40