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ROSALES Freddy Alejandro
Sport Para swimming
NPC Guatemala   
Place of BirthGuatemala City, GUA
Height1.66 m
Weight 72 kg
Human Interest
Further Personal Information
Guatemala City, GUA
Higher education
Business Administration, Computing: Guatemala City, GUA
Sport Specific Information
When and where did you begin this sport?
He started to practice the sport in the Olympic Swimming Pool in Guatemala City in 2003.
Why this sport?
After joining a social service institute for rehabilitation after his accident, he was invited to participate in competitive sports. Initially he doubted his ability to swim because of his lack of arms, but eventually accepted.
Name of coach
Mónica Jacqueline Díaz Ibarra
Training Regime
Trains every day with weights and swimming pool.
Senior International Debut
General Interest
He was working a summer vacation job paining the church of San Juan Sacatepequez, standing on a scaffold, when he touched high voltage cables and was electrocuted with 13,000 volts. The accident happened at 5pm, and he was taken to a public hospital at 7pm. However, he was not seen by 11pm so his sister moved him to a private hospital where he had to decide whether he wanted to keep his arms or risk a high probability of death. Both his arms were subsequently amputated. He took two months to recover from the initial injuries, and many more months 'to become used to the lack of limbs'. (, 27 Jul 2009)

Competition Highlights (historical)
There are no major results available for this athlete.