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Sport Rowing, Para swimming
NPC France   
Place of BirthCannes, FRA
Human Interest
Impairment Information
Type of Impairment
Impaired range of motion
Origin of Impairment
S10, SB9, SM10
Further Personal Information
Pégomas, FRA
French, English
Sport Specific Information
When and where did you begin this sport?
She began swimming at age three.
Why this sport?
She originally competed in able-bodied swimming, but due to the worsening of her condition she switched to Para swimming at age 15.
Club / Team
Handisport Antibes Mediterranee [HAM]: France
Name of coach
Regis Gautier [personal], from 2008
Senior International Debut
Competing for
Durban, RSA
General Interest
Didi, Grenouille [French for 'Frog'. "It's a nickname my dad gave me when I was little, because he said I swam like a frog. It has stuck ever since, and I even got a tattoo on my back."]. (IPC, 04 Nov 2009;, 25 Feb 2020)
Rowing, fashion, cuisine. (Athlete, 13 Aug 2018)
Memorable sporting achievement
Winning four medals, including one gold in the S10 400m freestyle, at the 2012 Paralympic Games in London, and setting a world record in the S10 400m freestyle in 2013. (Nice-Matin, 11 Feb 2020)
Most influential person in career
Her parents and coach Regis Gautier. (Athlete, 13 Aug 2018)
Hero / Idol
Australian swimmer Ian Thorpe. (IPC, 04 Nov 2009)
In 2013 she underwent shoulder surgery, and was sidelined for seven months. (, 12 Aug 2014)

She struggled with a shoulder injury which prevented her from training the butterfly style in the lead up to the 2012 Paralympic Games in London . (, 01 Sep 2012)
Superstitions / Rituals / Beliefs
She always takes a soft toy with her to competitions. "It's a plush. It's Pluto [fictional animated dog], but I called it Rio since I got it just before the 2016 Games." (France 3 Provence-Alpes Cote d'Azur YouTube channel, 12 Jun 2017;, 25 Feb 2020)
Sporting philosophy / motto
"When I'm not swimming, I don't feel like myself. I am an active person, I need to keep moving. When I'm in the water, I feel like I am in control. When I was rowing, it was strange always going backwards, but in swimming you are always moving forwards, and that makes me feel free." (Nice-Matin, 11 Feb 2020)
Awards and honours
In 2013 she was named a Knight of the Legion of Honour in France following her performances at the 2012 Paralympic Games in London. (, 21 Sep 2013)
Other sports
She competed in Para rowing at the 2018 and 2019 World Championships, winning bronze in the PR3 coxed four mixed at the 2018 edition in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. (, 13 Feb 2018; SportsDeskOnline, 12 Aug 2020)
To compete at the 2024 Paralympic Games in Paris. (Facebook profile, 21 Jan 2021)
She has restricted movement in her lower left leg as the result of a rare congenital illness. (France 3 Provence-Alpes Cote d'Azur YouTube channel, 12 Jun 2017;, 04 Nov 2009)
Other information
She took a time off sport in order to give birth to her first child in 2021. (Facebook profile, 21 Jan 2021)

In 2018 she decided to switch from Para swimming to Para rowing after struggling with motivation in Para swimming. After competing in Para rowing for around two years and helping the PR3 coxed four mixed team qualify for the 2020 Paralympic Games in Tokyo, she decided to return to Para swimming in January 2020 with a view to competing in the sport at the 2020 Paralympic Games in Tokyo. "I felt sort of fed up with swimming, like I had come full circle. I just didn't care about going to training anymore. I tried rowing because I was offered to try it. It all went well at the beginning, but then I realised it was not actually my type of environment, and the values were not quite the same. Maybe I was expecting too much, and it was also complicated for me to access the training location as I finished my studies too late at night. Over time I slowly returned to swimming in a club in Cannes and I realised that I missed it. But the rowing coach didn't accept that I take part in both sports, and so I felt alone and called my former swimming coach before deciding to return to swimming. I rediscovered the pleasure in swimming, something that I had lost." (Nice-Matin, 11 Feb 2020)

She studies as a childcare assistant at the Institute of Formation of Professions for Child and Adolescence [IFMEA] in Nice, France. (Nice-Matin, 11 Feb 2020)

Competition Highlights (historical)
Paralympic Games - Para swimming
Rank Year Event Result
6 2008 50m Freestyle S10 29.59
6 2008 400m Freestyle S10 4:48.47
10 2008 100m Backstroke S10 1:18.05
4 2008 100m Butterfly S10 1:12.03
2 2008 200m Individual Medley SM10 2:39.28
3 2012 50m Freestyle S10 28.67
3 2012 100m Butterfly S10 1:09.08
1 2012 400m Freestyle S10 4:34.55
2 2012 100m Freestyle S10 1:01.09
5 2016 50m Freestyle S10 28.34
3 2016 100m Freestyle S10 1:01.13 
3 2016 400m Freestyle S10 4:35.49
World Championships - Para swimming
Rank Year Event Result
7 2006 50m Freestyle S10 30.33
5 2006 100m Freestyle S10 1:04.68
5 2006 400m Freestyle S10 4:50.50
2 2006 100m Butterfly S10 1:11.33
1 2006 200m Individual Medley SM10 2:41.74
5 2006 5km Open Water 1:12:39
2 2010 100m Butterfly S10 1:09.09
3 2010 200m Individual Medley SM10 2:35.85
3 2010 100m Freestyle S10 1:02.42
3 2010 50m Freestyle S10 29.36
6 2010 4 x 100m Medley Relay 34 Points 5:18.45
2 2010 5km Open Water S1-S10 1:06:48.05
2 2013 100m Freestyle S10 1:00.47
1 2013 400m Freestyle S10 4:32.79
3 2013 100m Butterfly S10 1:08.93
2 2013 50m Freestyle S10 28.35
7 2015 50m Freestyle S10 28.70
4 2015 100m Freestyle S10 1:01.36
2 2015 400m Freestyle S10 4:38.77
World Championships - Rowing
Rank Year Event Result
3 2018 PR3 Coxed Four 7:04.93
7 2019 PR3 Coxed Four 7:39.09
European Championships (Overall) - Para swimming
Rank Year Event Result
3 2014 50m Freestyle S10 28.64
7 2014 100m Butterfly S10 1:12.21
1 2014 400m Freestyle S10 4:38.76
1 2014 100m Freestyle S10 1:01.05
2 2016 400m Freestyle S10 4:35.54
3 2016 100m Freestyle S10 1:01.29
3 2016 50m Freestyle S10 28.53
7 2016 200m Individual Medley SM10 2:35.62
3 2018 400m Freestyle S10 4:40.02
4 2018 50m Freestyle S10 28.98
2 2018 100m Freestyle S10 1:01.31