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Sport Shooting Para sport
NPC Denmark   
Place of BirthFarum, DEN
Height1.68 m
Human Interest
Impairment Information
Origin of Impairment
SH2, SH1
Further Personal Information
Sons Michael and Jakob
Danish, English, German
Sport Specific Information
When and where did you begin this sport?
She took up the sport in 1953 at age nine in Farum, Denmark.
Why this sport?
She used to take dancing lessons, but the people she danced with were always late because they would go to shooting lessons before dance class. One day she got tired of waiting for them to finish shooting and decided that she would join in too. "If we all went shooting, we could all be late to dancing together. I love this sport, it is always a struggle against oneself to achieve perfection. It fascinates me."
Club / Team
DSB/ASF: Aarhus, DEN
Senior International Debut
Competing for
Stavanger, NOR
General Interest
Memorable sporting achievement
Winning a silver medal at the 1992 Paralympic Games in Barcelona. (Athlete, 08 Feb 2012)
Most influential person in career
Teammate Per Jensen. (Athlete, 08 Feb 2012)
Hero / Idol
South African politician Nelson Mandela. (Athlete, 08 Feb 2012)
Sporting philosophy / motto
"I don't use my energy to think about my disability. I'd rather spend energy on what I can change, and what makes me happy, which is shooting." (, 01 Dec 2010)
Famous relatives
Her son Michael has played professional football in Australia. (Athlete, 08 Feb 2012)
She has arthritis, which was diagnosed in about 1985. The condition predominantly affects her hips and knees. (Athlete, 08 Feb 2012;, 01 Dec 2010;, 25 Jul 2010)

Competition Highlights (historical)
Paralympic Games
Rank Year Event Result
2 1992 Air Pistol SH1>3  
2 1996 Air Pistol SH1 454.3
Preliminary round 1996 Air Rifle 3x40 SH2 1178
Preliminary round 1996 Air Rifle Prone SH2 595
Preliminary round 1996 Air Rifle Standing SH2 589
Preliminary round 1996 Free Pistol .22 SH1 503
6 2000 Air Pistol SH1 455.8
Preliminary round 2000 Air Rifle Prone SH2 590
Preliminary round 2000 Air Rifle Standing SH2 582
12 2004 Air Pistol SH1 351
20 2004 Air Rifle Prone SH2 594
15 2008 Air Rifle Prone SH2 597
20 2008 Air Rifle Standing SH2 588
World Championships
Rank Year Event Result
29 2006 R4 - 10m Air Rifle Standing SH2  
17 2006 R5 - 10m Air Rifle Prone SH2  
15 2006 R9 - 50m Rifle Prone SH2  
15 2006 P2 - 10m Air Pistol SH1  
31 2010 R5 - 10m Air Rifle Prone SH2  
World Cup (Szczecin)
Rank Year Event Result
7 2015 P2 - 10m Air Pistol SH1 84.2
24 2015 R5 - 10m Air Rifle Prone SH2 620.9
41 2016 R5 - 10m Air Rifle Prone SH2 620.6
World Ranking (2018/01/01)
Rank Year Event Result
26 2018 P2 - 10m Air Pistol SH1  
32 2018 P2 - 10m Air Pistol SH1  
32 2018 P2 - 10m Air Pistol SH1