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Sport Para snowboard
NPC Spain   
Human Interest
Impairment Information
Type of Impairment
Spinal Cord Injuries
Origin of Impairment
Further Personal Information
Athlete, Business Owner, Coach
English, Spanish
Sport Specific Information
When and where did you begin this sport?
He began skiing at age four before switching to snowboard.
Why this sport?
He had been involved in snowboarding before his accident.
Training Regime
He trains up to eight hours a day.
General Interest
Vic (, 24 Oct 2016)
Memorable sporting achievement
Competing at the 2018 Paralympic Winter Games in Pyeongchang. "From my hospital bed, unable to move my limbs, I promised my mother that I would take her to the Paralympic Winter Games and she would see me snowboarding again. This goal made me work very, very hard. The day I accomplished it and when I hugged my mother and my sister in the Republic of Korea, that was the best day of my second life." (, 10 Mar 2018;, 10 Apr 2019)
Sporting philosophy / motto
"I think that the most important goal of a Paralympic athlete is not the victories or being the fastest. The real important thing is the message that you project with your acts, showing that human beings are awesome and that we can all achieve anything beyond the limits we set ourselves. My goal is to project that image." (, 10 Apr 2019)
In February 2015 he fractured his C5 and C6 vertebrae in a snowboarding accident, and he was initially told he would have quadriplegia. However, he first managed to move his right big toe, and after six months of rehabilitation he had regained enough movement to get back on a snowboard. "Being able to move the toe at will, despite the prognosis and after so many days trying, visualising and learning to use my mind in an unusual way showed me that my rehabilitation depended only on me. I had to forget the doctors' prognosis and learn how to use my brain to find another approach." (, 01 Aug 2015;, 16 Mar 2018;, 23 Feb 2018)
Other information
In 2000 he founded Pura Vida School, a snowboard school in Baqueira Beret, Spain. He has also ran a surfing school in Asturias, Spain. (Facebook profile, 08 Dec 2020;, 01 Aug 2015;, 08 Mar 2018;, 01 Apr 2018)

A documentary about his life, named 'Renascere' [Reborn], was released in 2019. (, 10 Apr 2019)

Competition Highlights (historical)
Paralympic Games
Rank Year Event Result
13 2018 Snowboard Cross - Lower Limb 1 Impaired  
12 2018 Banked Slalom - Lower Limb 1 Impaired 1:21.59
World Cup Finals
Rank Year Event Result
8 2016/2017 Snowboard Cross - Lower Limb 1 Impaired  
10 2016/2017 Banked Slalom - Lower Limb 1 Impaired  
12 2017/2018 Snowboard Cross - Lower Limb 1 Impaired 1:26.35
14 2017/2018 Banked Slalom - Lower Limb 1 Impaired  DNF