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Sport Para snowboard
NPC Great Britain   
Human Interest
Impairment Information
Origin of Impairment
Further Personal Information
Wife Jen, daughter Rebecca [2013], son Joshua [2015]
Bridge of Weir, SCO
Higher education
Engineering - University of Glasgow: Scotland
Sport Specific Information
When and where did you begin this sport?
He enjoyed snowboarding prior to his impairment, and once spent a winter season in Keystone, CO, United States of America working on the ski lifts and snowboarding in his spare time. In 2018 he contacted Disability Snowsport UK and arranged a snowboarding lesson with instructor James Fleming at Snow Factor in Braehead, Scotland. "James literally held my good hand and helped me very slowly slide a couple of metres at the bottom of the nursery slope."
Why this sport?
He was inspired by seeing the 2018 Paralympic Winter Games in Pyeongchang on TV. "Getting home from hospital [after the stroke] was great but then the slow grind of painful physio and the dawning realisation of how much I had lost gradually wore down my usual optimistic outlook on life. One day watching TV, the Winter Paralympics came on. I was inspired."
Name of coach
James Fleming [personal]
Training Regime
He trains at Snow Factor in Braehead, Scotland.
General Interest
Timmy (LinkedIn profile, 01 Feb 2021; Facebook profile, 16 Jan 2021)
Painting, drawing and art in general. (Instagram profile, 25 Jan 2021)
Hero / Idol
US political activist Martin Luther King Jr. (Instagram profile, 28 Jun 2020)
In September 2020 he broke his left hip after falling off a bicycle, which required surgery. He was unable to walk for nine weeks during his recovery, and said that he expects to be unable to take part in competitive snowboarding for a "couple of years". (Instagram profile, 18 Nov 2020)
Sporting philosophy / motto
"I can. I will! End of story." (LinkedIn profile, 01 Feb 2021)
He has left-sided hemiplegia, caused by three strokes suffered over the course of three days in 2017. The first stroke occurred while playing football, and the second after a family barbecue. "My third and biggest stroke came in hospital, after which I had emergency surgery to remove a large bone flap from my skull to allow my damaged brain to swell outwards releasing the pressure inside my skull. My neurosurgeon later told me they had not expected me to survive. The stroke left me with a dense left-sided hemiplegia." (, 12 Nov 2019 )
Other information
After breaking his hip in 2020 doctors recommended a full prosthetic hip replacement, but he chose surgery to try to repair the damage instead. "It [the hip] was broken so badly, they recommended a full replacement but that would mean never snowboarding again as full prosthetic hip joints easily dislocate. I pleaded for him to repair it, he said he'd open me up and have a good look at it. Thankfully he attempted a repair, instead of replacing. Still [there is] a chance I may never board again but I'm aiming to go boarding in March [2021] with my family and fulfil my greatest dream, boarding with my kids. No racing for me over the next couple of years, so my Para snowboard career has ended before it properly started I think." (Instagram profile, 07 Sep 2020)

In November 2019 he travelled to Landgraaf in the Netherlands to compete in the Europa Cup banked slalom race, but he was deemed unsafe to compete after crashing out of the course on a run to determine his classification category. "I tend to attack everything in life at full speed. My brain wasn't wanting to behave with sending signals to my leg and, going into a mini jump, caused me to take off completely in what looked like an attempt at a back flip out of the course. I eventually landed on the boundary fence on my back. The officials had to help lift me off the fence that I was tangled in, me not realising that as they lifted me off, my binding caught in the fence and released my foot strap, [and] my lack of sensation in my foot hid this too. I attempted to continue down the course basically one-footed, hit a flag and ate snow. When I got to the bottom, the officials told the GB coach that I was not quite safe enough to race the next day in the Europa Cup. To say I was gutted is an understatement. The next day I got to watch the best Para snowboarders in the world racing down the course and learnt a lot, realising how far I still have to go." (, 12 Nov 2019)

Since 2013 he has worked as director of Tiem Property, a property management company, as well as director of Wiltshire Farm Foods, a frozen food distribution company that he runs with his father. (LinkedIn profile, 01 Feb 2021; Instagram profile, 04 Jul 2020)

Competition Highlights (historical)
There are no major results available for this athlete.